Hybrid spaces Crossover ( the Scene )

Exploring hybrid spaces that have been created through strategy games that reflect the relationships between the virtual and physical worlds. In these spaces, you have the opportunity to explore a different world or create your own with the tools available within this space.

This is how the controversy ended over how novelist Jules Verne’s extraordinary journeys were the end of their era, when it was said that it was no longer possible to travel to unknown places on earth. In “other spaces,” man became wandering with space-time scenarios of different and unusual premise in the virtual worlds or redesigning the place with the concept of hybrid spaces in the virtual
world but in reality.

The project came through walking around the sites and places that had the trait of a hybrid space with the same hypothesis and tools as these spaces in the virtual world of strategy games, and I found several points that had this particular trait.The starting point was a refugee camp in Calais, northwestern France, and the site of the Atlantic Wall in Dunkirk. The first part of the project has been
carried out in France, and the second part in Cairo.