Hybrid Spaces and other objects

 Hybrid Spaces and other objects, VR New Media Installation, 2019

This project was developed as part of my long-term research project in video games as art form and the possibilities, explanations,
and solutions this can provide by re-processing the concepts of visual arts through the theories of play. The project also comes after
the conclusion of a Fulbright scholarship as visiting researcher at Game Lab of the Department of Digital art at the University of Cal
ifornia in Loa Angeles, under supervision of Artist and Pro. Eddo Stern. Where I further developed research on Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar
in addition to play theory over the course of a year. I examined al-Gazzar’s art through tools of the virtual world. Trying to re-imag
ine his conceptual universe as a hybrid space. I wanted to offer audiences the opportunity to play the role of explorer and discover
al-Gazzar’s world through the lens of virtual reality.

Music by: Ahmed El Habback