8-Bit Portrait

8-bit is part of the systems programming computers in its infancy, the late seventies and early eighties was used to programming games Atari and is the most famous video games in time and was the first Games Atari fad emerged in the United States in the early seventies and the turns eight-bit is the extreme version Computer scientists in the design of games in terms of form was the characters and gameplay elements are designed as a Color Collection not more than 12 colors and is a collection of pixels (a pixel is a unit of graphic in computers) monolith consisting of a game.

Portraits of the 8-bit technique came and went and were not included in elements or characters from our region and especially our Middle Eastern which was my experience on how to deal with portraits accepted and put forward the question is if the added portraits of the personalities of our history as the Games of how will and what will be the game of Atari Games and the famous try through my experience with Atari Games that analyze it and try it through a set of portraits of 8-bit technology, which became part of the digital arts in the world.